The Department of Mathematics offers a rigorous core curriculum that challenges students to think abstractly, recognize and generalize patterns, communicate ideas, and define and solve problems. In addition, mathematics students can explore exciting developments in this rapidly changing field through special topics courses and independent research in areas such as game theory, chaos, and cryptography.

Course Catalog Description

A rigorous study of the theory of statistics with attention to its applications. Point and interval estimation, hypothesis testing, regression and correlation, goodness-of-fit testing, analysis of variance.

Prerequisite(s): MATH 321

Course Catalog Description

This course develops further the ideas and techniques that were introduced in STAT 200 relative to regression modeling and experimental design, understood as instances of a matrix linear model. In addition, the student becomes familiar with at least one leading statistical package for performing the intensive calculations necessary to analyze data. Topics include linear, non-linear, and multiple regression, model-building with both quantitative and qualitative variables, model-checking, logistic regression, experimental design principles, ANOVA for one-, two-, and multiple factor experiments, and multiple comparisons.

Prerequisite(s): STAT 200, MATH 145 or 151, and MATH 143 or 210.