The Art History program offers a comprehensive range of courses focusing on a variety of stylistic periods and cultures. As a means of emphasizing art's interdisciplinary meaning and relevance, the Art History program offers multiple courses cross listed with Classics, American Studies, Latin American Studies and Film Studies. There is a strong emphasis on modern and contemporary art, along with courses on visual culture studies, art historical methodologies and critical theory. Art History majors typically begin their study with introductory survey courses and proceed through more advanced period surveys which examine art in relationship to its intellectual, cultural and social contexts. Art History courses also actively consider artistic practices in relation to issues of psychology, gender, sexuality and racial identity. The major's abilities in independent analysis and research are further developed in special topic seminars and a capstone course in Art History methodology. The Art History program culminates in a senior thesis project, which involves intensive research on a focused and original art historical topic that is formally presented in a senior symposium. Through this training, majors are not only skilled in analyzing and critiquing art historical scholarship, but are fully engaged in developing and presenting their own interpretive ideas.