The study of art provides a rich and transformative arena to understand and develop creative potential, and for many Knox students, creative work in art is central to their intellectual and personal growth. The goal of the Studio Art curriculum is to develop and activate the material, visual, and intellectual skills that are the foundations of art-making. With parallel emphases on creative exploration and critical analysis, students learn to integrate theoretical knowledge and creative practice. Courses in drawing, painting, printmaking, design, ceramics, photography, and sculpture provide exposure to the methods, ideas, and visual languages of contemporary idioms and historical traditions of art-making. Visits to galleries and museums allow students to deepen their understanding through first-hand analysis of significant works of art.

This course will introduce you to the language of form, design, and visual communication. The grammar of any language is a set of guidelines that allows one to build complex representations out of simple elements, thus communicating a given idea to those who encounter that representation. The language of vision is no less influential than that of the spoken or written word, yet we are often far less aware of its effect in our lives.