At Knox, a major in chemistry serves scientific and professional interests equally well. For instance, over the years, about one-third of the chemistry majors go to medical or dental schools, one-third continue their education in Ph.D. programs, and one-third go into the work force, mostly as chemists. A complete chemistry program, accredited by the American Chemical Society, is offered. Chemistry, an experimental science, has its focal point in the laboratory, which at Knox includes spacious instructional laboratories, individualized laboratories for student and faculty research, and specialized instrument rooms. Because modern chemistry relies heavily on sophisticated instruments, a wellequipped chemistry department is important. At Knox all the instrumental tools a chemist needs are provided, including nuclear and electronic spin resonance spectrometers, IR and UV/visible spectrophotometers, gas and liquid chromatographs, several laser spectrometers, a mass spectrometer, and two dozen up-to-date computers for data gathering and analysis and for molecular modeling. A drybox and Schlenk manifolds allow for the synthesis of molecules in an oxygen-free environment.