The Knox College Dance Program immerses students both artistically and intellectually in the world of contemporary dance studies. Our course work covers all aspects of dance/movement studies, including classes in dance technique, dance theory, dance history, somatic practice, and performance, ensuring that students not only engage with dance through motion, but also examine dance through the lens of its historical, social, political, and artistic context. The goal of the Dance Program is to encourage creative practice through the development of student choreography and performance while remaining mindful of how dance draws connections to the greater world.

Dance Composition focuses on the exploration of the choreographic process. Throughout the course several movement studies will be completed that focus on ways to initiate and structure a dance composition, while the writing assignments and critique sessions will help students develop their work intellectually as well as physically. Other class assignments include interviewing a professional artist to gain further insight into the creative process, writing a dance critique on a finished performance, and the development of a final movement study that is reflective of the term’s focus on creative exploration.


Contemporary Dance I immerses students in a kinesthetic dance experience that focuses on experiencing and creating dynamic alignment and embodied movement exploration in order to define and articulate dance as a means for knowing and/or communicating movement as performance.